Amber Portwood Forced to Leave Local Applebee’s — What Happened?

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Amber Portwood Forced to Leave Local Applebee’s — What Happened?

Look, we don't want to throw shade at America's finest eatery, Applebee's — a magical place populated by apples and bees (LOL, jokes!) — but they have some serious explaining to do.

Apparently, some folks at this chain restaurant had beef with MTV's most famous Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood — and we don't mean they served her a giant steak. We mean they served her a giant plate of hate, and even gave her the evil eye until she had no choice but to leave the establishment.

That is correct, on the fated day of May 20 (a day that will live on in infamy), Amber and her friends hit up a local Applebee's, only to be treated like mere peasants by a waiter. "It's kind of terrible when you have to leave Applebee's because one of the waiters are glaring at me with the dirtiest look…" Amber tweeted. "Sad."

Unacceptable. We don't know what Amber did to offend the waiter in question (maybe she looked too flawless?), but we have a feeling she was being unfairly judged by her sordid history. Sure, Amber suffered from a drug addiction and wasn't the greatest mom for a while, but she's made a total 360, and is now the best mother / person ever! Ya hear, Applebee's?

"It was really weird," Amber tweeted about the incident. "And the 2 people that were with me were the ones who noticed it first...made me feel awkward." She then went on to say, "I don't mind if people look at me...I love my supporters but people glaring and mean mugging really bothers me."

Sigh, the price of fame. Hopefully, Amber's next meal out won't be quite as dramatic. Also, it's moments like these that we remember that time she got into a brawl at IHOP

Do you think Applebee’s should apologize to Amber? Sound off below!

05.22.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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