Are Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley Dating Again?
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Teen Mom

Are Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley Dating Again?

When it comes to Gary Shirley, the ladies are powerless to resist his charms. This Teen Mom star is the whole package — from his experimental facial hair, to his ability to farm organic watermelons, to his new job as a professional indie baker, Gary has it all! It goes without saying that boyfriend is a ladies man, but the real question on everyone's mind? Is Gary currently dating his baby mama, Amber Portwood.

Gary and Amber have been getting along swimmingly since Amber's release from jail back in November 2013, and it looks like Ambs even supports Gary's burgeoning baking business. Guys, she bought a banana loaf from him, that's all we're saying. "[Gary] this banana bread is so good!" Amber tweeted on April 9. "Thanks hun..."

Um, did Amber just call Gary hun? These two have certainly come a long way since the days when Amber was choking her man on camera, and we're dying to know if there's more to their relationship that meets the eye. Unfortunately, Amber took to Twitter to dispel rumors, breaking our heart into a thousand pieces in the process. "No no were not back together," Amber confirmed. "Just co-parenting for Leah...nothing else."

While it's wonderful that Gary and Amber are getting along for the sake of their daughter, Leah, we still hold out hope that these two will work through their issues one day, and reunite in a healthy and mature relationship. Crazier things have happened on Teen Mom, like Amber's stomach tattoo, for example.

Do you think Amber and Gary should get back together, or is their relationship toxic? Let us know below.