Amber Portwood Has a New Man — Get All the Deets!
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Teen Mom

Amber Portwood Has a New Man — Get All the Deets!

Ready to kick off your post-Labor Day weekend in the best way ever? We've just learned that Teen Mom's Amber Portwood has a new man on her arm, which is literally music to our ears. Much like "Blowin'" by Amber's former co-star, Farrah Abraham.

So, who is Amber's new dude? No word yet, but this gal dished to the folks at Starcasm, saying that she and her man are taking things super slowly.

"I have been talking specifically to one person and I really do feel like I love him, but we’re not together," Amber reveals. "We’re taking things really slow,”

Sadly, Amber's former boyfriends sold stories about her to the press in order to make a quick buck, so yeah — she has some major trust issues. “I have to get myself back in gear and tell myself, ‘Ok, I can trust men, I just have to not be naive,’" Amber explains.

"That’s a problem that I have because I’m very naive when it comes to love…I do believe that I trust this man. I hope that I can trust him.”

This is amazing news, and Amber is definitely smart to take things slow. Especially now that she's once again in the limelight thanks to Teen Mom's reboot on MTV!

Hopefully, Amber will share some snapshots of her sweetheart soon, because as the saying goes: pics or it didn't happen.

Source: Starcasm