Amber Portwood’s Daughter Leah Turns 5 — Was Her Birthday Party Filmed?
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Amber Portwood’s Daughter Leah Turns 5 — Was Her Birthday Party Filmed?

Amber Portwood is a free woman after serving just 17 months of her 5-year prison sentence, and fans couldn't be more excited to see their favorite Teen Mom star once again trolling around the streets of Indiana. Not only did Amber reunite with her mom and brother, she had a super-emotional reunion with her darling daughter, Leah, and her baby daddy, Gary Shirley — who's completely dedicated to letting Amber make up for lost time with Leah, despite the fact that he has full custody!

Gary and Amber have been co-parenting up a storm since her release, so it's safe to assume that Gary invited her to the birthday party he threw for Leah. But Ambs wasn't the only guest in attendance! Gary took it to Twitter to say thanks to everyone who showed up to the soiree, writing, "Special thanks to everyone who made this little girls @leah_leann birthday amazing @mjfree @MTV @Stone_T33."

Are you seeing what we're seeing? Not only did Gary tag MTV, he tagged Teen Mom's creator, Morgan J. Freeman! While it's possible that Morgan flew over to Indiana to show his support for Amber during her return home, word on the street is that MTV is filming a special with Amber and Gary about their life post-jail. If this is the case, it looks like little Leah's birthday could be featured on television!

MTV has yet to confirm that they're filming Amber and her family, but they've been steadily followed around by cameras since her release — though that could just be paparazzi.

Do you think Amber and Gary and filming for a new MTV special, or did the MTV crew just show up at Leah's b-day party for moral support?