Amber Portwood Says She’s “Naive When It Comes to Men”
Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter    

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Amber Portwood Says She’s “Naive When It Comes to Men”

Amber Portwood's been single and ready to mingle since busting out of the slammer back in November, partly because she still had feelings for her baby daddy, Gary Shirley. This Teen Mom couple have a notoriously dramatic relationship, but Ambs admitted to loving Gary when they were reunited — despite that awkward time when she was filmed choking him during Teen Mom's heyday. Memories!

Unfortunately, Amber and Gary haven't gotten back together (which might be for the best given their constant bickering), but Gary has a girlfriend, while Amber is still on the market! How is that even possible? Amber is gorgeous, kind, has an amazing set of false eyelashes, and don't even get us started on her life-sized stomach tattoo of her daughter Leah's face. Girlfriend is basically irresistible.

So, why doesn't Amber have a man? It might be something to do with the fact that she's "cold" in relationships. "I feel as if I'm naive when it comes to men?" Amber tweeted to fans on May 16. "I usually get hurt...likely the reason I'm so cold in relationships..just"

We can't imagine Amber being cold to anyone (she has so much love to give, sob!), but her sordid history with Gary has probably done a number on her. This dude straight up broke Amber's heart when they stopped dating (to be fair she was in jail for 17 months…), so perhaps she keeps her guard up to prevent getting hurt again!

All we know is that Amber's a major catch...when do you think she'll land Mr. Right? Let us know below!