Here’s Proof Amber Portwood’s New BF Andrew Has Met Her Daughter, Leah
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Amber Portwood

Here’s Proof Amber Portwood’s New BF Andrew Has Met Her Daughter, Leah


Time moves very quickly in Teen Mom land.

Amber Portwood has only been with her new boyfriend publicly for less than a month, as the two were spotted smooching near her home in Indiana.

But it looks like Amber and Andrew are getting pretty serious pretty quickly, as Amber’s daughter has already met her mama’s new man!

As recently as August 11, the OG was spotted by paparazzi at a marina in Indianapolis on a day date with her then-mystery man, whom she was spotted smooching and cuddling up to by the water.


Shortly thereafter, more deets about the guy in question came out, like that his name is Andrew Glennon, he’s a 33-year-old Los Angeles native who works in TV production, and he and Amb met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars!

Well, now we have a bit more info about Andrew, like that he has a thing for old cars… and has already met his new gal pal’s child.

As The Ashley points out, Andrew posted a photo on Instagram of this stunning car from the 1960s.

Love the Cobras These little guys gave Enzo Ferrari a run for his money back in the 60's.

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And while the whip is the main attraction in the shot, you can easily see Leah, Amber and Gary Shirley’s 8-year-old daughter, lurking in the right-hand corner.


Of course, fans were upset when they found out about Amb’s new beau and her potentially bringing him around her daughter before getting serious.

The little girl and Amber’s ex, Matt Baier, were very close. He lived with them for over three years, after all!

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But the 27-year-old had no time for the haters, tweeting that the only man she ever introduced her daughter to was Matt, so it’s not like she’s bringing her daughter into a revolving door of men.

Despite the haters, the Never Too Late author seems to be loving her new relationship.

Meanwhile, E! News reports Amb is “very happy” with her new man and they’re “practically inseparable.”

She allegedly invited him to come stay with her after filming wrapped on MBC (Matt had already moved out by that point), and "he's been with her ever since. It's been a longer stay than either of them expected."

No word yet on Gary’s thoughts on this new dude being introduced to his daughter, but if he liked Matt he’ll approve of literally anyone, right?!

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