Is Amber Portwood Trying to Get Joint Custody of Daughter Leah?
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Is Amber Portwood Trying to Get Joint Custody of Daughter Leah?

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood has been out of jail for almost a year (reminder: she was locked up for a whopping 17 months), but she still doesn't have partial custody of her daughter, Leah Shirley!

Amber signed over her parental rights to Leah during Teen Mom's series finale in an effort to get CPS off her back, and since then, her baby daddy Gary Shirley, has had full custody. Of course, Amber spends plenty of time with Leah (they even have sleepovers!), but will this gal fight for joint custody? Not anytime soon, y'all.

"For now, everything is working, so I’m not messing with it," Amber tells OK! Magazine. "I can call Gary and say, 'Hey, I want to pick up Leah.' It’s freer [than a legal agreement] — and I get to see her more."

Gary previously expressed concern about giving Amber joint custody when she was released from jail, telling OK! Magazine, “I don’t want to screw myself over [with joint custody] and then have to fight for Leah."

Sounds like Gary and Amber are on the same page! In fact, Amber says they're getting along pretty well despite their rough past.

"It’s good; not like it was, with screaming and cussing," Amber adds "We have difficult times, but we get over it, and we don’t do it in front of Leah. It’s not the greatest, because he’s still my ex — but it’s not drama all the time."

We can't wait to see how Amber and Gary's relationship progresses when Teen Mom returns for Season 5. Are you right there with us? Sound off below!

Source: OK! Magazine