Is Amber Portwood Feuding With Gary Shirley’s Girlfriend?
Credit: Gary Shirley on Twitter    

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Is Amber Portwood Feuding With Gary Shirley’s Girlfriend?

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have been spending tons of time with each other in preparation for their daughter's first day of kindergarten, and word on the street is that they might be getting back together. Actually, word on the street is that Amber might be jealous of Gary's girlfriend, Kristina Anderson.

According to a recent report from, Amber, Gary, and Kristina had an explosive argument at Leah's kindergarten ice cream social, which allegedly resulted in Amber and Gary fighting, and Kristina crying. Sigh, that's no way to act when there's ice cream to be eaten, friends.

“Gary and Amber seemed to be having a heated conversation near the car,” a source tells Radar. “Amber had her arm crossed. She definitely didn’t look happy.”

“It seemed like there had just been some sort of confrontation,” the source adds. “Now that Leah and [Kristina's daughter] Karly are going to the same school, I hope there won’t be constant drama between the parents!”

So, what does Amber have to say about this shocking report? This Teen Mom star took to Twitter to set the record straight, explaining that she and Gary most definitely didn't feud. "Me and [Gary] are not together and me and his girlfriend never got into a fight," Amber tweeted. "so whoever sold this story is ignorant...sending love."

Gary responded to Amber's message with the LOL-worthy "Garytime baby garytime!" to which Amber replied, "lol your [sic] a dork...” So we're thinking everything is totally A-OK in their relationship.

Sure, things might get awkward now that Karly and Leah are going to the same school, but Amber has matured a lot since her 17-month stint in jail. We're sure she wants nothing but happiness for Gary and his gal pal!

Do you think these former lovebirds will manage to get along for the sake of their daughter? Let us know below!