Amber Portwood Has a Sleepover With Her Daughter, Leah Shirley!
Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter    

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Amber Portwood Has a Sleepover With Her Daughter, Leah Shirley!

Amber Portwood might not have custody of her daughter, Leah, but these ladies hang out 24/7! Every since Ambs got out of jail back in November 2013, this Teen Mom starlet has been making up for lost time with her darling daughter, who currently lives with her dad (and Amber's ex-fiancé), Gary Shirley.

Sure, Gary has full custody of Leah thanks to Amber's stint in the clink (not to mention her past addiction to Fentanyl), but he's more than willing to let Leah spend some time with her momma, and recently dropped her off at Amber's pad for a sleepover!

"Spending time with my beautiful booboo tonight...." Amber tweeted on May 23. "Sending love everyone hope you enjoy your night."

By the way "booboo" is Amber's pet name for Leah, and it looks like their mommy-daughter sleepover was a total success! "I love waking up to my beautiful booboo…" Amber tweeted the next morning. "Just sit and stare hoping she doesn't wake up and think I'm crazy"

Don't forget that Amber missed out on 17 months of Leah's life (sadly this little lady barely got to visit her mom in jail), so it's no wonder that Ambs watches Leah sleep! Clearly Amber wants to make the most of every precious moment she and Leah share.

Oh, and if you're wondering where Gary was during Amber and Leah's bond-a-thon, he could be found at the local farmer's market (duh), where he was selling his homemade baked goods (double duh).

"Farmers market baby I'm the first one here!" Gary tweeted on May 24. "Like always 'early bird getting his snake.'" As per usual, we have no idea what Gary is talking about, but we hope he never changes!

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