How Long Has Amber Portwood Been Sober For?

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How Long Has Amber Portwood Been Sober For?

Amber Portwood made a name for herself on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, and rose to fame on the show's follow-up, Teen Mom — aka our favorite series of all time. While Amber's story had a positive impact on impressionable viewers, the stardom definitely took a toll on her. Not only was Ambs investigated by CPS following an unfortunate incident in which she choked her baby daddy (memories!), she started dabbling in drugs while filming.

Amber went to rehab (which was documented on Teen Mom), but was unable to overcome her addiction to Fentanyl patches, and chose to opt out of her Drug Court program in May 2012. The good news is that she served around 17 months of her five year prison sentence before being released in November 2013.

Since her release from the slammer, Amber has been open about the seriousness of her addiction, and even told Dr. Phil that "every time you see me on [Teen Mom] I am high." Luckily, Amber has cleaned up her act, and is currently drug-free and happy.

So, how long has this gal been sober? According to a recent Twitter post, Ambs has been off drugs for "a little over 2 years," which makes sense according to the timeline of her jail stint.

We can't imagine how hard it was for Amber to overcome her addiction to Fentanyl, but she finally seems to have kicked her habit, and now she's 100 percent focused on being an amazing mom to her daughter, Leah!

Are you impressed that Amber's been sober for a whopping two years? So are we!

05.30.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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