Amber Portwood Opens Up About Her Life in Prison — What Happened?
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Amber Portwood Opens Up About Her Life in Prison — What Happened?

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood hit up the Maury Show on May 1, and let's just say things got really real. This gal spent 17 months in prison after opting out of her drug court program, and up until now she's stayed relatively quiet about her experience. Sure, Amber's mused on how much prison helped her clean up her act, but apparently it wasn't all sunshine, rainbows, and ladies named Sugarfoot.

“The pain that I’ve experienced…You guys don’t even know," Amber told a fleet of disgruntled youths. "To be in prison for 17 months away from your kid? None of you guys have kids. But you’re lucky you don’t have kids. You don’t want that life right now!”

But wait, there's more. “Listen to me and listen good," Amber said. "You all drink and use drugs? I did that too. You all want to have sex and get pregnant? I did that and had a baby. You all want to fight and cause drama? Yep, I did that too. You know where it landed me? In jail for 17 months. I had to clean toilets and eat disgusting prison food. You think you can handle all that? I don’t.”

And speaking of toilets, apparently women's bathrooms in prison are super scary. “You know what? When you’re getting jumped in the bathroom by three girls, you learn to shut your mouth," Amber said. "You’re not the biggest and baddest. You’re not."

Hands up if you never want to go to prison, ever. As far as we're concerned, the only good part of the overall experience is the fact that Amber styled her hair using melted Jolly Ranchers. Oh, and that she sobered up!

Are you impressed that Amber is helping other misguided teens learn about the harsh realities of prison? Let us know below.

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05.2.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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