Amber Portwood Says Her Twitter Fans Give Her “Strength To Move Forward”

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Amber Portwood Says Her Twitter Fans Give Her “Strength To Move Forward”

Amber Portwood has managed to stay out of jail since her release back in November 2013, which means that this Teen Mom 2 star has maintained her sobriety for a whopping six months (not including the duration of time she was sober in prison). In case you need a refresher, Amber was addicted to Fentanyl patches before opting out of her drug court program and entering jail. We can't even imagine how hard it was for her to overcome her habit.

Sobriety is a daily struggle for many recovering addicts, and Amber is no different. She was open about her urge to use drugs during the MTV special Being Amber, but this notorious starlet has managed to stay sober thanks to the continued support of her friends, family, and even fans like you!

This gal hit up Twitter on April 7 to thank her followers directly by saying, "I want you guys to know how sincere I am when I say you help me every single give me strength to move forward...beautiful people."

Sounds like Amber has a lot of people rooting for her on social media, and the continued fan-support seems vital to her recovery. Many people (including yours truly!) were worried about this gal joining Twitter thanks to the negativity that's often associated with social media. However, it looks like she's staying above the drama and using Twitter as yet another way to give her strength and motivation in her sobriety.

We're blown away by Amber's perseverance — not to mention her kind words to fans. What do you think of her sweet statement? Hit the comments and let us know.

04.8.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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