American Gladiators Star Hospitalized For Heart Attack
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American Gladiators Star Hospitalized For Heart Attack

Former American Gladiators star Dan “Nitro” Clark suffered a devastating setback last week. The muscleman was hospitalized for a heart attack on Wednesday, December 18 and the star thinks steroids might just be the thing to blame.

Dan told TMZ that he started having chest pains while working out in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Then, suddenly, his left arm went numb. Dan asked a friend to drive him to a nearby urgent care center and it was then that he realized he was having a heart attack.

The former host was then transported to a hospital via ambulance and rushed into surgery to remove a blood clot in one of his arteries and refit Dan with a new stent.

Thankfully, everything turned out just fine for Nitro and the star is using his latest scary experience to illustrate the dangers of steroids. While Dan told TMZ he’s currently in top physical condition, he believes his decades-long habit of using steroids is what ultimately caused his heart attack.

This isn’t the first time the athlete has spoken out about his former steroid use. The former NFL player is best known for his time on the game show American Gladiator in the early nineties and admits that he used steroids throughout his time in the spotlight. Since the drugs wrecked havoc on his health — and his sex life — Dan has become an avid crusader against steroid use, even writing a book on the subject in 2011.

“Inevitably, as your body stops producing testosterone, you have to take more drugs,” Dan told Men’s Health magazine. “It’s an insidious cycle that doesn’t stop… the longer you’re on, the more you’ve destroyed your endocrine system.”

Source: TMZ

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