‘American Horror Story’ Actress Liana Mendoza Calls Out Co-Star Ashley Rickards
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‘American Horror Story’ Actress Liana Mendoza Calls Out Co-Star Ashley Rickards


There’s no love lost between American Horror Story actress Liana Mendoza and former co-star Ashley Rickards (of Awkward fame) — now that Liana has called Ashley a “biyotch.”

TMZ caught up with Liana — who played a police colleague of Wes Bentley’s character on American Horror Story: Hotel — and asked about Ashley’s desire to return to AHS after appearing in a couple of Season 1 episodes.

Only the TMZ photographer mistakenly asked the 31-year-old about Ashley “Richards.”

“You mean Ashley Rickards?” Liana says in this video, pulling a shady face. “You want my personal opinion on that or my professional one? … She just should have been way nicer to me on Behaving Badly, I’ll say that.”

(Back story: Behaving Badly is a 2014 Selena Gomez film in which Liana and Ashley both appeared.)

The TMZ guy asks if Ashley deserves to go back to the world of AHS, and Liana says, “If they don’t take into account that she’s a bi-yotch, then yeah, why not.”

And Liana’s not impressed Ashley has found MTV fame over the past five seasons on Awkward. “You leave an Emmy Award-winning show, I would think that that’s kind of a step back,” she says.

Hours after the video went live, Ashley seemingly responded to Liana’s shade:

But Liana stuck to her guns when a fan commented on the video.

Ryan Murphy & Co., it might be best to cast these two actresses in separate episodes… if at all!

American Horror Story: Hotel airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.