American Horror Story: Coven Spoilers: New Photos and Crucial Plot Details Revealed!
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American Horror Story: Coven Spoilers: New Photos and Crucial Plot Details Revealed!

Though we have several weeks before American Horror Story: Coven premieres on FX, we’re finally getting some additional and very important plot details about the show’s third reincarnation — including what type of characters much of the A-list cast will be portraying.

Per Entertainment Weekly, which has the first images of the cast, Jessica Lange’s character Fiona is known as a Supreme witch because she is a direct descendant of the witches of Salem, Massachusetts. When a young witch is murdered in New Orleans, Fiona leaves her current home in L.A. and heads to the Big Easy to protect her kind.

Once in Louisiana, Fiona reunites with her estranged daughter, Cordelia, played by AHS alum Sarah Paulson. Cordelia runs Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a school that has been a safe haven for young witches since the 1800s. Though the school was once thriving, there are now only four students enrolled because witches have grown fearful of reproducing.

EW describes the remaining girls as follows: “Troubled teen star Madison (Emma Roberts), tough girl Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), enigmatic Nan (Jamie Brewer), and shy Zoe (Taissa Farmiga).”

The witches are being threatened by a faction of voodoo witches who want them gone. As executive producer Tim Minear explains, “There’s sort of two formidable clans of witches in New Orleans. The voodoo witches were there first, and the Salem witches fled to the South from the persecution of the North, and these two factions are ancient enemies.”

But in light of the recent crisis, estranged Fiona and Cordelia must first agree on how to protect their remaining students. Cordelia is a proponent of peace, while her ever-powerful mom thinks it’s important to prepare the girls for battle. As has become typical of AHS, Coven will juggle different time periods, “including the 1970s, when Miss Robichaux’s enrollment was thriving, and New Orleans in the 1830s.”

Sounds like a spooky, drama-packed season to us! Will you be tuning in to watch AHS: Coven when it premieres on October 9 on FX? Sound off below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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