The ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House Is Now on Airbnb
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The ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House Is Now on Airbnb


Ready to spend the night with the Rubber Man? Coo over the Infantata? Commune with the the ghost of a school shooter? Does Los Angeles have an Airbnb option for you!

Yes, the Rosenheim Mansion, best known for playing the titular Murder House in the first season of American Horror Story, is now available for rent on the popular lodging website, starting at $1,450 per night. (Gather your friends — it sleeps 16!)

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The century-old digs had a guest appearance in this latest season, American Horror Story: Hotel, when Lady Gaga’s Countess booked an appointment with the Murder House’s original resident, mad scientist Charles Montgomery.

But before that, the last we had heard of the house was that it had been sold for $3.2 million to Angela Oakenfold, ex-wife of electronica star Paul Oakenfold.

And sure enough, an Airbnb user named Angela is listed as the host.

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“One of the most important estates ever built in Los Angeles, the Alfred Rosenheim Mansion was declared a historical monument and cultural landmark,” the description reads. “Built in 1908, this stunning architectural masterpiece boasts original features throughout.”

So far, only one guest has left a review and only has nice things to say about the experience — i.e. no mention of ghosts, ghouls, home invaders.

In fact, the scariest thing about this Airbnb listing is might be its “strict” cancellation policy.