American Horror Story: Coven — Which Fleetwood Mac Songs Did Stevie Nicks Sing?
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American Horror Story: Coven — Which Fleetwood Mac Songs Did Stevie Nicks Sing?

Stevie Nicks may very well have been the perfect stunt-casting choice for American Horror Story: Coven. Two of her songs in particular — and her reputation in general — made her perfect for the role of the White Witch, and she performed both those tunes in the two episodes of Coven she graced.

But which two? That's the pop quiz we gave Viggle LIVE! users during the Coven finale, asking all of you who responded to pick which Fleetwood Mac hit Stevie didn't sing this season.

The majority of you — 66 percent — did indeed choose the odd song out: "Landslide." It may be Stevie's most popular and most frequently covered song, but the 65-year-old singer didn't "take this love and take it down" in any Coven installment.

Meanwhile, 25 percent of you answered "Rhiannon," apparently forgetting her impromptu performance of the bewitching song in Episode 10.

And only 9 percent of you answered "Seven Wonders." Um, did you tune in after her epic Robichaux performance of the all-too-fitting song at the start of the Coven finale? Good thing it's on YouTube!

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01.31.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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