Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Photo: Lance Reddick

We may never know how 55-year-old actress Angela Bassett looks so young, but at least now we know her American Horror Story: Coven character's secret to eternal youth!

Entertainment Weekly reports that Lance Reddick has joined the cast of Coven as Papa Legba, described as the Horror Story version of "voodoo Satan." And in the magazine's November cover story on the hit anthology screamfest, co-creator Ryan Murphy let slip that viewers will "find out how Marie Laveau looks so good — because she sold her soul!"

Selling one's soul to the devil in exchange for a longer life is a familiar theme in narrative works — but, knowing AHS, the show is going to put a twisted spin on the trope.

Papa Legba is indeed a figure in real-life voodoo culture, the gatekeeper of sorts between the material world and the spiritual world, and the "loa" whose permission is required to speak with other spirits.

Lance, meanwhile, is a 51-year-old mortal best known for his work on Fringe, The Wire, and Oz on the small screen and White House Down and Oldboy on the silver screen.

His interpretation of Papa Legba will pop up when show returns in January after its winter hiatus, and the character will be a major player in the last four episodes.

Congrats on landing the part, Lance! Break a Leg-ba.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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