Expect the American Horror Story: Coven death tally to rise dramatically tonight, December 11 — in Episode 9, "Head." Apparently the Grim Reaper has been sharpening his scythe, because E! Online reports that "two major deaths go down" in tonight's installment.

Also, "several" minor characters will also bite the proverbial bullet.

The only other tease we have about the two big ones is that one is super-violent and that the other is equally hard to watch, albeit for different reasons. Translation: Finish your dinner beforehand.

So who could be meeting his or her maker? We doubt it's Fiona, since she's already had a few brushes with death and — let's face it — the show wouldn't be the same without Jessica Lange. Likewise, Zoe seems to important to the storyline to die. Madison (Emma Roberts) already died once this season, so killing her again would be overkill.

We would have bet against Cordelia's demise, too, but come to think of it, she might actually be in danger. We worship at the altar of Sarah Paulson, but perhaps the character's death would be the catalyst that unites the Robichaux witches once and for all. And how ironic if 'Delia regained her vision just in time to witness her own death.

Hey, it's not like anyone really stays dead on the show anyway, right?

Who do you think will be axed (literally or figuratively)? Let us know below!

Source: E! Online

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