This week's American Horror Story: Coven explored the nature of male bonding activities — the stuff dads teach their sons, like camping, drinking coffee, and, of course, killing witches. In the woods, we see a young Hank and his father go on their first witch hunt together— a magical time full of wonder for most boys, akin to kissing their first crush or driving a car for the first time. The weak-willed Hank is too scared to shoot the crazy-eyed witch who, rather than scampering off back from whence she came, sets the woods (and his dad) on fire, leaving ol' daddy-o to put her down. To make up for this mistake, Hank will spend the rest of the episode overcompensating.

Moving on, at Marie Laveau's shop, Fiona has come to return the gift that Marie Laveau so graciously gave her the week before — Delphine's head — and warn her of the witch hunters who attacked her heaven the week before. Things get tense when Marie disses Fiona's wig, so Fiona leaves, but not before Queenie makes off with Delphine's head. 

Back at the house, Myrtle and Delia are revisiting their once-loving relationship. Myrtle assures Delia that she wasn't the one who blinded her, to which Cordelia's all, "Well, duh." 

Hank, in a slick office building in Massachusetts, meets with his daddy, who, after all these years, is still disappointed about the witch-fired, and instructs him to kill Cordelia. Hank is all conflicted about this, being clearly quite enamored of his pouty wife, but agrees to do it anyway for a few pats on the head.

Myrtle, meanwhile, has been scheming. While her former council members think she has forgiven them, indicated by her invitation for a whimsical lunch of melon balls and champagne, she is only after them for their eyeballs, which she quickly plucks out and deposits into Cordelia's waiting head. 

At the hospital, Nan, Zoe, and Madison go to see Luke, only to find themselves thwarted by his zealot mother. After the girls prove to Joan that Nan is clairvoyant, she becomes oddly receptive to the young witch, letting her pray over her hunky, hunky, baked-goods loving son with her.

Back at Miss Robichaux's, a defeated Hank has returned to either make up with his wife or kill everyone. Marie Laveau has already made him her human pincushion, and he's feeling pretty bummed. When he learns Cordelia is divorcing him, he realizes what he has to do. He returns to his hotel room and loads his gun with bullets, as he brushes tears from his eyes.

While Nan has been turned away from the hospital by Joan for getting a bit too clairvoyant and bringing up Joanie's late husband's penchant for getting mouth hugs from a lady other than her, when she returns to Miss R.'s there's more good news. Kyle has been healed from his trance of idiocy, and he knows how to play cards! All of the beautiful blondes have been finally been fixed! Oh, what a joyous day. 

However, on the other side of town, as Delpine is finally learning the error of her ways, just as her last ally is about to meet her end. Hank bursts into Marie's shop, shooting two of the stylists and Queenie. Realizing that Hank will soon reach Marie and kill her if she doesn't do something, Queenie reaches for a gun on the floor, puts it in her mouth, and pulls the trigger, killing both herself and Hank.

At the hospital, Luke awakes from his coma and reveals to Joan that he knows she killed his father. She tells him to go to sleep, at which point, she smothers him with a pillow.

Back at Miss Robichaux's, Marie approaches the door. Rather than turning her away, Fiona welcomes her inside — at the very least for a blowout, and perhaps, even a truce.