Credit: Frank Ockenfels/FX © Fox Broadcasting Company Photo: Emma Roberts in American Horror Story: Coven

Credit: Michele K. Short/FX © 2013 Fox Broadcasting Company Photo: Spalding in American Horror Story: Coven, Episode 7, "The Dead"

Emma Roberts has likely had countless strange moments playing Madison on American Horror Story: Coven, but ETonline asked her to pick the one that surprised her most.

The one she chose didn't even make it to air, however, perhaps because the content was too uncomfortable, even by AHS standards!

In [Episode 7, "The Dead"] there was a scene where Madison confronts Spalding about him keeping her as a doll, and they end up having sex!" she tells the site. "I was pretty shocked by that. It ended up being cut out of the episode, but it was so crazy because we filmed this twisted and freaky sex scene where we're surrounded by all these dolls and I'm watching the episode and thinking 'We went through all that for nothing?' [Laughs] I mean, it was worth it because Denis O'Hare is such a brilliant actor, and we had so much fun working together. But that was one of those moments the old me would have said no to. I'm just finding my inner Madison and going for it now. [Laughs]

And speaking of sex scenes, what was it like to film the Madison-Kyle-Zoe threesome with castmate Taissa Farmiga and real-life boyfriend Evan Peters?

"We just laughed about it," Emma recalls. "It was hard not to laugh when Taissa opened the door because the whole situation was just ridiculous."

Hey — on the upside — we imagine Emma feels like there's nothing she can't film now!

Source: ETonline

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