Credit: Wikimedia Commons Photo: Marlene Dietrich

If Season 4 of American Horror Story will really be the last go-round for its biggest star, Jessica Lange, at least the two-time Oscar winner will go out with a bang. Co-creator Ryan Murphy says that he's fulfilling one of the 64-year-old's dreams with a tailor-made character.

First things first, though. Ryan confirms that the actress will indeed return for the fourth saga in FX's spooktastic anthology.

"Jessica will be back," Ryan tells Huffington Post. "She says it's her last [season], but I'm going to do everything I can to convince her to continue with the series because I see AHS running for decades."

So give us some dirt already, Murphy! "She'll be playing a Marlene Dietrich-type, which has always been one of her dreams," he continues.

In case you're not acquainted with the golden age of Hollywood, Marlene was a German-born actress, singer, and fashion icon. After breaking through in The Blue Angel, Marlene cemented her fame with high-profile roles in The Shanghai Express, and Desire. The American Film Institute named her the ninth-greatest female star of all time.

Huffington Post also asked Ryan why gay men have a seem to have a knack for writing fierce female characters: "I don't know if it's necessarily about writing for women … but writing for underdogs. People who are misunderstood. I can, somehow, naturally, relate to that. Go figure! [Laughs]"

We are so ready to say "Hallo" to Frau Lange!

Source: Huffington Post

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