American Idol 2012 Recap of the Top 6 Performances on April 25, 2012
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American Idol 2012 Recap of the Top 6 Performances on April 25, 2012

Rock royalty in the house! Roger Taylor and Brian May are here to perform a Queen medley with the Top 6. None of our remaining contestants are exactly suited to Queen, but eh, it’s all right. A bunch of the songs we wanted particular contestants to sing are in the medley... so much for our suggestions!

Let's break down the performances:

Jessica Sanchez, “Bohemian Rhapsody”: Oh, this is so weird! The performance is shot half in black and white, with three Jessica faces up on the screen behind her in a replication of the original video for the song. Vocally Jessica’s just as on point as ever, but she clearly has no idea what she’s singing about. “I think Freddie Mercury would’ve been proud to hear that... I love your voice no matter what,” Steven Tyler says. “You sounded beautiful singing the song... it needed to have a little more of that rock performance,” Jennifer Lopez says. “You channeled a little Tina Turner... very nice, I loved it,” Randy Jackson says.

Jessica Sanchez, “Dance With My Father”: Didn’t Jermaine Jones sing this earlier in the season? We think he did. Anyway, Jessica’s singing this for her father, who’s in the military and keeps getting shipped out to various places. She sounds wonderful — this is exactly the sort of performance that’s the point of Jessica. “That may’ve been the best I’ve ever heard that song sang,” Jen says. “It’s been an honor to watch you unfold your wings the way you have,” Steven says. “You are truly amazing to me, you’re so natural... you’re making that connection,” Randy says.

Skylar Laine, “The Show Must Go On”: Unlike Jessica, Skylar seems to be connecting really well to her song. Skylar’s got a lot more natural fierceness than Jessica, too, which helps, because among other things, Freddie Mercury was one fierce dude. Skylar’s killing it lately, and we love it. “The energy, the passion... oh my god, that was fabulous,” Steven says. “I definitely got goosies on that one... it was powerful, it was great,” Jen says. “That was incredible, dude... I think it was one of your best performances to date and I believed you,” Randy says.

Skylar Laine, “Tattoos On This Town”: Skylar’s playing guitar on this song, which automatically means it probably won’t be as good as her first performance, because she’s having to pay attention to her playing. And no, it’s not AS good, but it’s still definitely enjoyable, and she ends with a big note that gets the crowd cheering. “I am a ginormous fan... you are fearless, you go after notes, it’s effortless,” Randy says. “You’re very comfortable up there, and that’s so great to watch,” Jen says. “I missed the flair, but you can do no wrong... I enjoyed it,” Steven says.

Joshua Ledet, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”: It’s sort of weird that Joshua, who’s probably the only contestant with anything close to Freddie Mercury’s vocal range, picked a song that’s so (relatively) easy to sing. He gets a little shouty in parts, but otherwise it’s typical Joshua — a.k.a. awesome, and he gets a standing ovation from the judges. “That was unbelievable... dude, you are so ready, I love you,” Randy says. “Is it bad for me to say that the Joshua part of the show is my favorite part of the show?” Jen asks. “You have such a classic style, it sounds like nobody else,” Steven says.

Joshua Ledet, “Ready for Love”: This song choice is equal parts brilliant and dumb. It’s gorgeous and it’s an awesome choice for Joshua’s voice, but it’s also kind of obscure and very low-key, even if Joshua’s vocals are as intense as ever. It’s a gorgeous performance, regardless. and the judges are all on their feet by the time he finishes. “Another unbelievable performance... you’re so way beyond your age,” Randy says. “You bring us so present, it’s such a gift,” Jen says. “I’m snapped into reality by the way you sing... all I can say is a hope the label finds you a bunch of good songs,” Steven says.

Elise Testone, “Bold As Love”: Ohhh, Elise. Picking Jimi Hendrix for your free choice on a night when you’re already singing Queen is just not a wise choice. At this point in the competition, you need to be picking songs that will get you votes, girl! She sounds mostly fabulous, but wow, bad idea, Elise. “You touched my heart with a Jimi Hendrix song like that... but you gotta remember, you’ve gotta do songs that people know,” Steven says. “I know what Steven’s saying, but I just feel like you slayed that song so hard that it doesn’t even matter... I just feel like you’re one of the best singers in the competition,” Jen says. “I felt like you kind of attacked the song... I felt like you were boxing with the song, it was so much information,” Randy says.

Elise Testone, “I Want It All”: While Joshua is probably the most suited to attempt Queen from a vocal standpoint, Elise is definitely the contestant who fits the music best. She’s got a tambourine and she seems totally in her element. “You sang that like the classical song it was, I really enjoyed that,” Steven says. “To me, that was you in your element, it was natural, it was sexy, you had everything,” Jen says. “That was unbelievable... that style of song is so right for you,” Randy says.

Phillip Phillips, “The Stone”: So Phillip is embracing the Dave Matthews comparisons and doing a Dave Matthews song, which actually feels kind of pointless. It’s good, because he’s Phillip and he’s almost always good, but it’s like... the mellowest mellow ever to mellow. It feels like about three-quarters of the way through a Phillip concert and he’s sort of chilling out the crowd before he closes with the big radio hit. It’s just kind of okay. “Very entertaining, very off-the-wall,” Steven says. “It was a pretty song, but it was a little bit too obscure and too artsy for this point in the competition,” Jen says. “What you just did is you showed your true colors once again... I love that you’re an artist,” Randy says.

Phillip Phillips, “Fat Bottomed Girls”: Hmm. Okay! This is sort of half and half. The verses are perfect for Phillip’s growly voice, but the chorus gets a little weird. It’s fun, though, and probably one of the better song choices Phillip could’ve made. “I love watching you sing, I love watching you run out of breath,” Steven says. “I feel like you give us different flavors... that’s the mark of a great singer to me,” Jen says. “If I’m being really honest, I liked it — did I love it, was I jumping up and down? No,” Randy says.

Hollie Cavanagh, “The Climb”: Hey! We said she should sing “Party in the USA,” so we definitely get partial credit for this, y’all. This was a really smart choice for Hollie — it’s a song that people (teenagers!) know, and she’s capable of singing the you-know-what out of it. Which she proceeds to do, and the judges give her a standing ovation for it. “That’s the Hollie Cavanagh that we love... that was beautiful,” Randy says. “That was stepping it up... it was perfect,” Jen says. “You sing a song like it’s going out of style, just so beautiful,” Steven says.

Hollie Cavanagh, “Save Me”: We’re not sure about Hollie’s red pantsuit. She looks nice from an aesthetic standpoint but also kind of like a televangelist? This was a smart song choice for her, though — there’s no rocking required, which is good because we just don’t really think that Hollie could rock. “I think you did a really good job with it,” Steven says. “I really felt you get emotional in the middle of that... when you did do that it did go off a tiny bit, I wanted to see you enjoy it more,” Jen says. “I think you’ve been having a lot of good performances, one of the things I didn’t like about it was... you don’t have to pull back as much on this song... there needs to be a moment where people go ‘they can win’ and this song didn’t have that for you,” Randy says.

And that’s the show! Tomorrow night, another one bites the dust. Who do you think it’ll be? Let us know!

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