American Idol 2013: Five Key Things to Expect From Season 12
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American Idol

American Idol 2013: Five Key Things to Expect From Season 12

During the Television Critics Association gathering in Pasadena, the American Idol panel revealed some key things fans can anticipate seeing on the newest season of the hit show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is “putting all its eggs in the diva basket.” While Nigel Lythgoe tried to distance himself from the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj drama in his recent media call, Fox President of Alternative Programming Mike Darnell embraced it. In fact, he said the new panel and its friction will “invigorate the show.”

Additionally, the tie-breakers of seasons past haven’t worked. When the vote was split two and two, Nigel said that they would alternate which judge “would carry the vote across” and, inevitably, someone would be angry.

Also, don’t expect to see Nicki hesitating to send someone home. While Mariah admits that she had a tough time due to her own struggle with rejection early on in her career, Nicki has no problem saying “no.” As she said, “I don’t put someone through because of a great story or because there’s something going on that may make people cry.”

The judges have been great at using humor to deflect underlying issues. When asked how they reconciled after feuds, Nicki joked that she had the others watch her sex tape, while Ryan Seacrest joked about fondue “We all shared forks,” he said

Most importantly, Nigel and company think that the new separation of guys and gals until they reach the Top 10 should help stop the run “WGWGs” winning the competition.

What are you most excited to see when American Idol premieres on Wednesday, January 16?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter