American Idol 2013 Results: Who Was Eliminated on American Idol? – 2/13/2013
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American Idol 2013 Results: Who Was Eliminated on American Idol? – 2/13/2013

Who got eliminated on American Idol 2013 during the final Hollywood Week round? We have the spoilers for you on who made the American Idol Top 40 for Season 12 right here!

Last night on American Idol Season 12, a number of early favorites were among those who were sent home on American Idol 2013 after falling flat with the judges. In particular, we mourn the loss of ‘Blondie’ Ashley Smith, newlywed Ann Difani and Super Bass girl Sarah Restuccio -- especially since we didn’t even really get to see why they were cut.

We also said good bye to Megan Miller, the girl who skipped surgery on her leg to audition for American Idol 2013, Seretha Guinn, a girl Nicki Minaj called a “superstar” during her initial audition, Brandy Neely, and someone named Lauren Bettes that we barely even got to know at all.

Three female contestants that we didn’t blink an eye at seeing go home on American Idol last night were Shira Gavrielov, Alisha Dixon, and Courtney Calle. They were the first victims of the ‘Gotye curse’ that seemed to plague those who chose to sing “Somebody I Used To Know.” Alex Delaney and Kalli Therinae also floundered on this song, and became just somebody the judges used to know... (you can cringe now)

Thursday night on the American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week finale show, even extremely talented ladies were sent packing.

The first girl eliminated on Thursday was Kiara Lanier, who may have pleased President Obama with her voice, but apparently not the judges. Nicki Minaj’s favorite “psycho” Kez Ban was also sent home after performing a seriously depressing original song. Ashlee Feliciano wasn’t feeling well, which may be why her vocals were terrible, or maybe she just wasn’t great to begin with. She is eliminated along with Sarina-Joi Crowe -- who breaks down into huge sobs -- and Briana Oakley.

After a sing-off sudden death elimination between Stephanie Scimel and RRachel Hale the final girl who went home on American Idol 2013 Thursday night was... Stephanie. Rachel Hale survived to be the last Top 20 female contestant going to Vegas.

Also cut on Thursday were eight extra guys left over from the guys’ Hollywood Rounds last week: Peter Garrett, Marin Calderon, Devin Jones, Kenny Harrison, Will White, Tony Foster, David Leathers Jr. and Adam Sanders. That leaves us with a nice round American Idol Season 12 top 20 Guys and Top 20 girls going to Vegas Week. Check out the full list for the American Idol 2013 Top 40 below!

American Idol 2013 Top 20 Females
1. Adriana Latonio
2. Amber Holcomb [AI11 LVR]
3. Angela Miller
4. Aubrey Cleland [AI10 HW & AI11 SFYL/GM]
5. Brandy Hotard
6. Breanna Steer
7. Candice Glover [AI9 HW & AI11 LVR]
8. Cristabel Clack
9. Isabel Pasqualone
10. Janelle Arthur [AI10 HW & AI11 LVR]
11. Jenny Beth Willis
12. Jett Hermano
13. Juliana Chahayed
14. Kamaria Ousley
15. Kree Harrison
16. Melinda Ademi [AI10 LVR]
17. Rachel Hale
18. Shubha Vedula
19. Tenna Torres [AI11 LVR]
20. Zoanette Johnson

American Idol 2013 Top 20 Males
1. Bryant Tadeo [AI11 HW]
2. Burnell Taylor
3. Charlie Askew
4. Chris Watson [AI7 HW]
5. Cortez Shaw [AI11 SFYL/GM]
6. Curtis Finch, Jr. [AI11 LVR]
7. David Willis
8. Devin Velez
9. Elijah Liu [AI11 HW]
10. Gurpreet Singh Sarin
11. Jimmy Smith
12. Johnny Keyser [AI11 LVR]
13. Joshua “Josh” Holiday
14. Joshua “Josh” Jada Davila
15. Kevin Harris
16. Lazaro Arbos
17. Mathenee Treco [AI11 LVR]
18. Nick Boddington [AI11 LVR]
19. Paul Jolley
20. Vincent “Vince” Powell [AI11 LVR]

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