American Idol 2013: Season 12 Top 9 Contestants Roundup!
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American Idol

American Idol 2013: Season 12 Top 9 Contestants Roundup!

American Idol 2013 is down to nine contestants, which means the race to the finish is ON! There are no room for mistakes from here on out, so these folks better choose wisely when it comes to picking this week’s songs from the Lennon/McCartney songbook. Of course, by this point, we already have our faves (girls...cough, cough...girls) and our least faves. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Our Fave Guy:

Yes, that’s singular! Really, the only guy who’s worth his salt at this point in the competition is Burnell Taylor. Since he stepped on the stage in Baton Rouge to sing “I’m Here” from The Color Purple, he’s been nearly flawless. The judges love his John Legend-esque singing, and so do we.

Our Fave Girls:

Kree Harrison We really think this Nashville-based country singer could win it all. As Jimmy Iovine pointed out last week, Kree picks her songs with expert precision, which is something not every singer can do. It’ll be especially important this week, as some of the Idols past have really taken a step back during the Lennon/McCartney week.

Candice Glover While we’d love it if this girl was perhaps just a tad more outgoing, there’s no denying her vocal chops are top-notch. If she keeps up performances like her rendition of “I (Who Have Nothing)” from last week, she could easily be in the Top Two.

Angie Miller We worry about her, as she’s been called the frontrunner for so long. This can sometimes be the kiss of death when it comes to Idol, but she’s definitely not showing any signs of slowing down with amazing performances. She’s particularly impressive at the piano, so we hope she sticks close to that for the rest of her time on the show.

Our Least Fave Guys:

Paul Jolley We’re not exactly sure why this guy has such a huge online following, as he’s a bit of a snooze, don’tcha think? He says he’s a country singer, but we haven’t seen much that has shown us this side of his musical persona.

Lazaro Arbos We feel like we’re going to be struck down just for saying this, but we don’t quite get the appeal of this guy on a musical level. It is truly amazing that, when he sings, there’s no sign of his stutter. But we’ve seen much better singers grace the Idol stage (even on this season).

Devin Velez This Chicago native is a talented singer but, for some reason, we can’t see ourselves running out and buying an album from him...hence his spot on our “least fave” list.

Our Least Fave Girls:

Janelle Arthur We hate to put her on our “least fave” list, as Janelle is as cute as a button. She could do no wrong in the eyes of the judges during Hollywood Week as well, as they love her country twang. We think she’s stellar, too, but she doesn’t compare to some of the other female powerhouses. She’s also had a few missteps, where some of the other girls have been nearly flawless.

Amber Holcomb This gal came out of nowhere during the Las Vegas round with a stunner of a performance. However, her song choices are a bit dated (like “My Funny Valentine” in Sin City), and we think she’ll need to get a more contemporary sound to make the finals.

Who are your favorites? And your least favorites?

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