American Idol Judges Inspire Love (and Lust!) From Season 12 Top 40
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American Idol

American Idol Judges Inspire Love (and Lust!) From Season 12 Top 40

What do the lucky Top 40 contestants think of the American Idol judges who picked them to go to the Vegas rounds?

There’s no denying one has to factor in the “brown nosing” the video below entails, but the Top 40 American Idol hopefuls sat down for a promo and gushed (and we mean gushed) about the new judges. Perhaps they could do a post-elimination version of this, too -- ya know, just for the sake of bias.

So what did they have to say? It was a lot of “love, love, love,” that’s for sure. Many of them commented on the eye candy factor of the American Idol judges, with many of the girls oohing and ahhing over the dreaminess that is Keith Urban (we’re with you, ladies).

The hopefuls all approved of the varying styles and genres that the new judges represent. We imagine Keith’s addition was especially beneficial this year, as there are so many country singers.

Hopeful Shubha Vedula called Mariah Carey “huge for me,” while Josh “Jada” Davila said he’d love to “kick it” with Nicki Minaj (who wouldn’t?).

Of course, there was much love for the one who’s been there since the beginning -- The Dawg -- Randy Jackson. Popular hopeful Lazaro Arbos, whose moving audition video was the most searched on YouTube, said that Randy has “the most wisdom.” Look who’s vying for a spot in the dawg pound.

What do you think of this year’s Idol judges?