American Idol Judges: Should Keith Urban Be Replaced for American Idol 2014?
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American Idol Judges: Should Keith Urban Be Replaced for American Idol 2014?

Before American Idol 2013 started, all the hype surrounding the judges panel was about the dueling divas, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. No one thought much about Randy Jackson returning, and new judge Keith Urban was given very little preseason publicity.

Fast forward to now, and we have to say we think Keith Urban has been an absolute delight! His critiques are given with a straightforward sincerity, and there is actually some point to them (unlike another judge whose name rhymes with “pariah”). Plus let’s face it, ladies the husband of Nicole Kidman is very easy on the eyes. Keith has a kindness about him that counteracts some of the other, tougher judges, and yet he’s not afraid to tell these singers the truth.

So, in considering all this, we have to ask should American Idol replace Keith Urban for 2014? It’s a tough one, as we all know that the declining American Idol ratings have caused quite a stir among the powers that be who pull the strings of the Idol machine, so the rumors are calling for a big shakeup on staff next year. While we get this, we think he represents the country genre well and the viewers seem to have really responded to Keith, so we think he should remain on the judges panel.

We do have one caveat we’ve often said that we think the show should add Carrie Underwood to the panel. It’d be great to have an Idol alum and especially one who is as popular and successful as Carrie. If Carrie were to ever land a seat on American Idol, we have to say it might not work with Keith, as the panel really only needs one country singer.

What do you think should Keith Urban be replaced for American Idol 2014?

05.2.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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