Credit: Michael Becker / FOX Photo: Angie Miller Top 3 Performance

Whoops! We do love those American Idol spoilers accidentally leaked on Twitter! For those who might have missed this one before it was deleted, here's the scoop!

Angie Miller may be gone from American Idol 2013 but she’s anything but forgotten. As we know from Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, and many more, some of those who don’t win go on to have bigger careers than the actual winners, and that could easily be the case with Angie.

Since her shocking departure, Angie Miller’s mom tweeted some scoop on Angie possibly performing her original during the finale: "@tanamiller You are all amazing! @AngieAI12 Will sing You Set Me Free this week on Idol. Shortly after it will go for sale. She is so amazing! #proudmom"

Apparently, the info must have been not approved by the powers that be who run the American Idol Machine, as the tweet was quickly deleted. But that doesn’t mean the info wasn’t correct. During her exit interview on Friday with several media outlets, Angie very much implied we’d be treated to an original song, saying, “I have more that I want to share, and I’m excited to on a future album. But the show isn’t over! You still got to watch the finale!”

On Saturday, Angie gave us another tease, putting the following statement with a pic on Instagram: "@AngieAI12: #studiotime #recording #excited !!!!"

You might recall, however, that American Idol spoilers a few weeks back mentioned that the Top 5 were working on co-writing their own songs, so perhaps Angie’s will be an original that we’ve never heard before? Either way, we’re guessing the sure-to-be-stellar-song will be performed at the piano.  

Angie is also set to perform a duet with Adam Lambert and, although she’ll surely love getting her Glambert on, we know she was really hoping to perform with Jessie J.!

Will you buy Angie Miller's original song on iTunes?


Credit: FOX Photo: Angela Miller Sings Her Original Song "You Set Me Free" in American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week, Round 4