Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images Photo: Psy Performs On NBC's "Today Show"

The American Idol 2013 finale is going to rock it “Gangnam Style”? Technically, Korean pop star Psy will be singing his new song, “Gentleman,” but there’s no denying it was the former song that catapulted him into superstardom.

Psy will be taking the American 
Idol stage, like Lady Gaga and Beyonce before him, on the May 16 finale episode. He'll be joining the ranks of Jennifer Lopez and Phillip Phillips, who are also on tap for live performances (P2’s health permitting!). Adam Lambert is also billed as performing a “surprise duet,” although we all know it’s going to be a duet with recently ousted Angie Miller!

Perhaps it’s just us, but isn’t it ironic (right, Alanis?) that this guy is performing on the American Idol finale after the revelation that one of his songs contained the following lyrics:

“Kill those f--ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives and those who ordered them to torture," and going on to say, "Kill them all slowly and painfully," as well as "daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers."


Regardless, we’re sure we’ll be shaking our moneymakers to his performance, his songs are just that addictive. Who are you most excited to see on this year’s American Idol finale?


Credit: 5MinMedia Photo: American Idol Will Fire All Celebrity Judges and Revamp Show