There can only be one winner of American Idol 2013, and the viewers have spoken! Candice Glover beat out Kree Harrison for the Season 12 crown, and we can’t imagine how close the votes were between these two talented singers.

But did Kree Harrison deserve to go home on American Idol?

We wish there could be two Idol champs, but sadly one contestant had to go.

As for why Candice received more votes than Kree? That’s a question we can’t easily answer. Both singers have clear strengths as performers; Candice Glover’s voice is bold and soulful, while Kree Harrison is a country gal through and through (with a bit of soul as well, as Keith Urban liked to say).

From where we’re standing, the vote really could have gone either way. Country has historically done well on Idol, but perhaps fans were looking to change things up for Season 12. Plus, Candice’s story of perseverance (this was her third year trying out for Idol) could have resonated with voters this time around.

In our book, no one on American Idol ever “deserves” to go home. But sadly, no matter what they told you in kindergarten class, not everyone can be a winner.

Do you think Kree deserved to go home, or should Candice have gotten the boot?


Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Kree Harrison Sing “Up to The Mountain” on American Idol Finale Part 1