Credit: Michael Becker / FOX Photo: Kree Harrison and Candice Glover

Before the final American Idol results were announced, Candice Glover had “no idea” if she would end up as the Season 12 winner or not. Although she was feeling “really calm and cool and collected” before the finale, she knew the race between her and Kree was neck and neck.

The only thing Candice was clear on was how much she adores fellow Top 2 finalist Kree Harrison. In fact, pretty much everyone in the
American Idol house seemed enamored with ‘Mama Bear’ Kree.

No matter if she won or not, Kree Harrison said in a  press interview before the American Idol finale that she felt “so good” just to have gone through this amazing experience. “It’s so unbelievable,” Kree said. Part of that journey, for Kree and Candice, was getting to know each other and growing into true friends.

“I tell Kree a million times a day how much I love her,” Candice said. “We just tell each other that all the time and make sure you know we know that no matter what happens we’ll be content and happy for one another."

When asked before the finale if she thought she might win, Kree simply said, “I feel like I already have.”