Credit: Ray Mickshaw / FOX Photo: Kree Harrison - American Idol Top 2 Performance

American Idol 2013 runner-up Kree Harrison may have lost out on the grand prize for Season 12, but she won a legion of fans across the country. With her new single already being downloaded at a frantic speed, Kree said in a press interview before the finale that she is “so proud” of the love she’s garnered from supporters of all ages, especially in her former home state of Texas.

They really catered your song lyrics to you for the winning song. Tell us a little bit about your experience when you first saw the lyrics and how you were able to get emotionally connected with it to be able to perform it?
It was really easy to get emotionally connected to the song. Lyrically, melodically… I couldn’t have wrote it better myself. I don’t know if they wrote it for me or if it was just in their catalog and they pitched it to me but whatever the case, I’m so thankful that I’m given this and that was the best part... for me was being able to sing my single hopefully to all of these people. The energy in the room was insane…unbelievable.

What was it like trying to prep for an emotional song that was so close to you?
The truth is, I felt like coming into this competition, I wasn’t so good with emotional songs. I had always had a wall up because I didn’t want to get to that point where I couldn’t handle the lyrics and I couldn’t really get it out but I found that there’s a happy medium with connecting with all of you and really showing your heart through the lyrics. So I don’t know. I think that it’s just been this journey that’s helped me figure that out.

What would you like to say to your fans in southeast Texas?
I love me some Texans. I’m so proud. Just thank you for supporting me from day one…especially the Golden Triangle where I’m from. Even when I moved to Nashville, they were huge supporters so just thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Kree Harrison Sing "All Cried Out" on American Idol Finale Part 1