Credit: Angie Miller on Twitter Photo: Fan-Made Obese Angie Miller

Angie Miller stunned viewers with her dazzling smile, adorable body, and out-of-this-world voice on season 12 of American Idol.

But what would the third place contestant look like if she had a few extra chins? Thanks to the Internet, you can stop asking and see for youself. 

Wednesday night, just before the clock struck midnight, Angie tweeted out a fan-made collage of stills from the season. The photo (left) is done really well, and seemed to amuse Angie as well as her fans that retweeted the post.

Along with the photo, the rest of her tweet read: "I don't know who made this, but thank you for making me laugh!!! Haha ok, goodnight! Love you #Dreamers <3."

It's good to know that Angie has a sense of humor!

What do you think about the photo? Was it rude to make or is it just light-hearted fun?

Source: Angie Miller on Twitter

Credit: FOX Photo: Angie Miller, Adam Lambert and Jessie J Perform on American Idol 2013 Finale Results