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Jennifer Lopez is proud to point out that her life and family is anything but traditional.

The 43-year-old single mom and former judge on American Idol, is not shy about raising her children in a single-parent household. "I am a non-traditional family," she told ABC News. "Me being a single mom, their dad doesn't live at home with them. They have three stepbrothers from two moms ... that's not traditional."

Jennifer, who is currently dating Casper Smart, and ex-hubby Marc Anthony divorced in 2011. She says she has no intention of getting married in the near future and is raising 5-year-old twins, Max and Emme, on her own. Jennifer describes her kids as "rambunctious" and says they are used to her leading a hectic life.

"They are used to being around a lot of people," she said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. "They're open, happy, curious, smart, loving, affectionate."

If you're wondering if she's open to having more children, Jennifer says her fast-paced lifestyle hasn't stopped her from wanting more kids. In an interview with E! News earlier this year, Jennifer said, "I would love to have more. I don't know if it's in the cards for me, but I would love it."

Jennifer also has a show coming out on ABC Family, The Fosters, which chronicles the lives of a multi-ethnic family raised by two moms

"Putting a show like this on to me is, look, there is no perfect of what family is supposed to be," Jennifer told ABC News. "It’s about love and that’s what I constantly remind myself of because I kind of let society get inside my head, 'Oh, it shouldn’t be like this. I did this, I did that. I failed.' And it’s like, no. They’re happy, they’re healthy, they’re loved more than anything in the world and they’re going to be fine. I want them to know that."

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