A love story made in Twilight/American Idol heaven, the Nikki Reed/Paul McDonald romance doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. And they’ve decided to totally ignore the advice most people give about not working with your spouse, too. In fact, the two performed at Erik Wahl’s UNthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius book launch event in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.

The pair performed three co-written acoustic songs and, according to partygoers, Nikki wasn’t able to keep her eyes of her Idol alum hubby while they performed. In fact, an onlooker told People the romantic gestures weren’t limited to the stage, saying, “They were inseparable the whole night. She was talking about how she hates being without him. They had some PDA going on in a booth when they weren't performing." Apparently, they wear their hearts on their sleeve, too, as the onlooker said, “They were so clearly in love.”

When it came to pre-performance rituals, however, the two have different approaches.  

"At the event, they talked about how they have polar opposite pre-performance rituals," a partygoer revealed to PEOPLE. "He's a 'rock 'n' roller' who drinks whiskey. And she isn't much of a drinker, so she just meditates and takes deep breaths before going on stage."

We think it’s cute. What do you think is their relationship adorable or a bit over-the-top?

Source: People

Credit: MTV Photo: First Look! Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald's "Now That I've Found You" Music Video