Countless number of American Idol hopefuls got revenge on Simon Cowell by proxy on last night’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent. A random woman walked right in between Richard and Adam Johnson, who were in the middle of performing on stage, and threw eggs at Simon and fellow judges Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Williams.

The woman was quickly escorted off stage and the Johnsons finished their performance, but it wasn’t eggsactly the ending they imagined. Groan. The smooth operator he is, Simon made a comment about how he had just mentioned that he doesn’t like eggs, and he said he thought at first she was throwing sandwiches at him...perhaps finger sandwiches – this is Britain, after all.  

While Simon remained unscathed after the incident, one can only imagine that the thousands of hopefuls whose dreams he has ruthlessly dashed over the years enjoyed that footage.  

Source: TMZ