Credit: Michael Beckner/FOX © 2012Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: American Idol Season 11's Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips wants to collaborate with Taylor Swift, and apparently that’s not a euphemism. The season 11 winner of American Idol met the fickle lyricist at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto on June 16, and he even tweeted a photo of her whispering something in his hear. He captioned it, “I know a little secret.” We wonder if she told him whether John Mayer’s song, “Paper Doll” is about her, as many have suggested it’s a rebuttal to her anything-but-subtle song, “Dear John”.

Making it a big convoluted mess, Phillip is actually going on tour with John Mayer this summer. He even hinted that fans that get to one of the shows might see a collaboration, saying, “I’m actually going on tour with John Mayer this summer so maybe we’ll see something cool happen there.”

When asked about meeting Taylor, the demure “Gone, Gone, Gone” singer replied, “She was really nice, told me she was a big fan and it was really cool.”

As for whether he would team up with Taylor, he said, “I’m really up for anything. I’m one of those people who loves music and I’m always down to get together with different artists. So yeah, I would definitely love to do something with Taylor.”

Let’s hope they keep it platonic, as we don’t think we’d like to hear any negative breakup lyrics about our adorable P-Squared.

What would you think of a Taylor/P-2 collaboration?


Credit: FOX Photo: Phillip Phillips Performs "Gone, Gone, Gone" on American Idol 2013 Top 9 Results Show