Credit: Getty Images Photo: Scotty McCreery Backstage at the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards

Scotty McCreery, winner of American Idol's 10th seasonis being sued by his former manager, Todd Cassetty.

Todd filed a lawsuit against the 19-year old singer in Davidson Country, Tennessee, claiming Scotty refused to paid him for his managerial services.

“Celebrities should be required to pay their bills, just like anyone else,” reads the first line of the bitter lawsuit. Seriously — this guy is not messing around.

McCreery has since fired back and is protecting his name, calling the claims lies.

“There is no truth to these allegations,” he said. “I have offered to pay Todd more than once, but he wanted an unreasonable amount for only five months of work. Anyone who knows me knows how I conduct myself, so I am not worried they will believe any of this. This is just an attempt to embarrass me and my family. The facts will come out when we have our day in court.”

Back in October 2012, Todd signed Scotty as his first client after he was done with his post-Idol contractual obligation to XIX Entertainment, Idol's resident management company, right around the time when Scotty was ready to release his Christmas album, Christmas With Scotty. Todd was "stepping away from his day-to-day roles with Hi-Fi Fusion and Todd Cassetty Welding Service."

According to the suit, Scotty's mother, Judy McCreery, sent Cassetty an email saying that he was "unofficially official" as McCreery’s new manager, and he would be compensated at the "industry standard" rate of 15-20 percent. Todd is claiming to only have been offered 2 percent.

And bad news for Todd, it looks like the agreement was never formalized in writing.

Source: Billboard

Credit: FOX Photo: Scotty McCreery Sings "See You Tonight" on American Idol 2013