As if dancing around for an hour-and-a-half wasn’t enough of a workout, Jennifer Lopez breaks a sweat before she goes onstage!

According to the UK girl group Stooshe, the former (and perhaps soon-to-be current) American Idol judge exercises for an hour before she steps in front of the audience. "She works out just before she goes on stage for an hour in her hair and makeup and outfit. Then she literally just floats on stage. It's crazy."

Stooshe’s Karis Anderson says she finds J.Lo inspirational. “I love her. We were standing on the side of the stage the other day watching her and she’s amazing.”

If there’s one thing Jennifer’s known for, it’s hard work and dedication. No wonder the 44-year-old’s abs look like they were Photoshopped!

Source: Digital Spy

Credit: FOX Photo: Jennifer Lopez Sings "Live It Up" With Pitbull on American Idol 2013 Finale