Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for VEVO Photo: Jimmy Iovine Speaks at the Launch of VEVO on December 8, 2009

UPDATE (8/29/13): E! Online confirms that Jimmy Iovine is out and Randy Jackson is in as Season 13 mentor.

Original story (8/21/13):

First it was Nicki Minaj, then Mariah Carey, and then Randy "Yo Dawg!" Jackson. Now in-house mentor Jimmy Iovine is at the top of the list of exits happening on American Idol. The 60-year-old music producer spent three seasons coaching Idol hopefuls and amusing fans with his blunt and deadpan delivery.

Well, we're certainly going to miss those blue-tinted lenses, but the gaping hole Jimmy (and his colored glasses) are going to leave might be filled with a familiar face. is reporting that the in-house mentor spot might be filled by none other than Randy Jackson. Yes, the same Randy Jackson who announced he was leaving Idol back in May. This shouldn't be a complete surprise, though. In early August, Fox chairman Keith Reilly revealed that Randy "will be back in some capacity." What this all really boils down to is that we'll be hearing a lot more "That was a little pitchy, man." 

Well, we've got Randy and Jennifer Lopez back, who'll be the next to return? Ellen?! 

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Source:, E! Online