Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TAS Photo: Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez Perform in Los Angeles on Aug. 24, 2013

Now here's a collaboration we never thought we'd see! Jennifer Lopez was a surprise addition to Taylor Swift's concert in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 24, joining the 23-year-old country-pop superstar for a rendition of "Jenny from the Block."

Taylor introduced her special guest by relating a childhood memory:

"When I was a little girl, you know you have your favorite song that you just would play over and over and over again and just blast it in your room, and you’d sing in front of your mirror into a hairbrush? … Los Angeles, this is my hairbrush song."

Cue: Jennifer rising up to the stage, striking a dramatic pose before finally cracking a smile.

"What's up, Los Angeles?!" the 44-year-old screamed.

The two then launched into the song, rocking out side by side.

Check out the video below and let us know what you thought. Do the two make for good singing partners? Is Jennifer, in fact, still Jenny From the Block? And, perhaps most importantly, did she steal those drop-crotch pants from Justin Bieber?

Source: YouTube

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