Credit: Fox Video Still

If you ask us (and, by the looks of it, the American Idol judges), Casey Thrasher has a good shot of making it far on Season 13. Why? Because he’s a charming country boy. And you know what’s even better than a country crooner? A country crooner with adorable little kids.

Anyone who’s watched Fox’s “We Say Yes!” promo for American Idol 2014 has already gotten a first glimpse at Casey. The blond-haired singer is seen feeding his young daughter her bottle. Seconds later, he’s holding her close, and we get a look into the sweet little girl’s face. She’s wearing a frilly purple dress and matching headband. When asked why he’s so motivated to go after his dreams, Casey says, “I have a really precious reason right here.”

Casey makes it to Hollywood Week and, even better, rumor has it he’s one of this season’s Top 31 contestants. Not surprising news after the way he broke the judges’ hearts during his beautiful February 5 performance.

Casey usually sings country music so it seems safe to say that will be his genre of choice for the show. Seeing how well country singers have done on Idol in the past, we’d say he’s got a pretty good shot!

Casey and his band recently won Tuscaloosa’s Battle of the Bands (video below), with The Planet Weekly reporting that he enticed “the crowd with soulful covers of country songs that drove the crowd into a honky-tonk frenzy.” Will Casey be able to drive Idol fans across America into a similar frenzy? We’ll just have to wait and see!