Credit: FOX ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez, and Lazaro Arbos Trio in the American Idol Top 8 Performance Night

We’ve made our American Idol predictions every week so far as to who is going home, and so far we’ve gotten it right with 100 percent accuracy (toots horn, thank you very much). We're a bit bewildered, however, about which of the Season 12 Top 8 will have his or her dreams come crashing down on tonight’s American Idol results show.


Here’s the thing–if we picked it according to who should be the one who got voted off American Idol this week, it would be Lazaro Arbos. But those #Lazis are legendary voters. Alas, we think those pity votes will continue to carry him through for a few more weeks. And the judges thought his rendition of “For Once In My Life” was an improvement over his abomination of a Beatles performance. We think he’ll live to see another (whiny) day.


Then there’s Janelle Arthur, who took a tongue-lashing from Nicki Minaj last night after  her duet with Kree Harrison. “Kreedom almost made it look like she flew in to do a duet with Idol contestant today,” Nicki spewed as her little “Marshmallow” pasted a fake smile on her face to hide the encroaching tears. When Janelle took to her solo performance, she gave us her best WGWG (white girl with guitar) performance by singing an acoustic version of The Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”. The other three judges loved it, but Nicki still said her voice was “off.”


Here’s the kicker–Janelle has a mere 22,069 Twitter followers, while Angie Miller has 73,140 and Lazaro has 50,734. The singer who has become known for her old-school country twang could be in trouble tonight. What would be really intriguing would be finding out if the judges would save Janelle.


Alas, we need to stop speculating and get down to making our actual American Idol predictions about who will go home this week. Despite a good performance last night, we think the bell has tolled for Devin Velez. He has a paltry 17,785 followers on Twitter, and none of his performances as of late have gone above and beyond. The Chicago native was courageous last night by taking on a Smokey Robinson & The Miracles song in the presence of the legendary Smokey, himself. His rendition of “Tracks Of My Tears” showcased his smooth vocals and, while Randy Jackson said it was his best performance in weeks, we think it might be too little, too late.


What are your American Idol predictions about what will happen on the elimination results show this week?  



Credit: FOX Photo: Watch American Idol’s Devin Velez Sing “Tracks of My Tears” in Season 12 Top 8