It’s been a long, hard hiatus since Candice Glover was crowned the winner of American Idol Season 12. Thankfully, our favorite music competition returned tonight (January 15), and we met a whole new crop of hopefuls looking to become the country’s next big superstar!

Kicking off the latest tour of the United States, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and new judge Harry Connick Jr. headed for Austin, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. (Of course, Ryan Seacrest was also there to provide much-needed commentary.)

It’s in Boston where the judges meet Austin Percario, whose mom is leading the pack when it comes to stage parents. He implores the judges to send him through to Hollywood, largely because it’ll be the first time he’s able to get away from her.

Good thing he’s got the chops to back it up. He delivers a solid rendition of “Titanium” by Sia, earning himself praise from the judges.

“I like you,” says J.Lo. “I think you have a nice voice. You know your voice well, you have a great look. I can see you doing this!”

“I was fascinated by the voice!” exclaims Keith. “It was Justin Bieber at 5am. It had this kind of raspy, cool, haggardy thing with this nice clean pop thing with it as well.”

“The fact that you referred to your mom as a ‘stage mom’ is a good thing,” adds Harry. “Because in my opinion, she’s going to be spending a lot of time around stages with you.”

As you can imagine, Austin sails through to Hollywood!

What do you think of Austin’s performance? Will he make it to the Top 31? Read our spoilers here!