Credit: Michael Becker/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Majesty Rose in American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week

Audition rounds are finally over and now the American Idol 2014 hopefuls are headed for Hollywood! It won’t be like all the over Hollywood Weeks we’ve seen before, however, as Ryan Seacrest and the judges reveal a surprising twist to the contestants — the “Hollywood or Home” round!

“The last few days, we’ve been reviewing everybody’s audition, and we’re going to be selecting some of you to come up here and sing a song of your choice,” explains Keith.

“There will be cuts made today,” adds Harry. “The stakes are very, very high, so we want everybody to take this very seriously.”

After a sudden death round which sent roughly 30 contestants straight back to the airport, it’s finally time for solo performances! First up, Majesty Rose York, who charmed the judges with her bubbly personality back in Atlanta. She and her trusty guitar take the stage to perform a flawless rendition of “1, 2, 3, 4” by Feist.

Though the judges definitely have to deliberate on some of the other contestants, for Majesty the choice is clear. She’s one step further to winning the Idol crown!

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