We’ve reached the final round of American Idol Hollywood Week, and let’s just say the process has been a doozy! Grueling rehearsals, clashing personalities, and mounting illnesses have all taken their toll on the contestants — not to mention the possibility of their dreams coming crashing down around them.

That said, some of the hopefuls seem more than ready to vie for a spot in the Top 30, including 17-year-old student Emily Piriz. Volunteering to go first go out the remaining 70 contenders, Emily takes a spot behind the piano to perform Grace Potter’s “Stars.”

Her rendition was undoubtedly lovely (“Her voice is so airy and light and full,” says Jennifer), but was it enough to convince the judges to send her through to the next round? With her heart pounding, Emily makes the long trip on the elevator to learn her fate.

“I think you really came up during Hollywood Week,” J.Lo explains. “I was a big fan of yours from the beginning. But unfortunately, these guys [Keith and Harry] don’t always agree with me... Luckily... this time they did!”

And with that, Emily Piriz has made it into the Top 15 girls!

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