Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban in American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week

Two contestants may have gotten the chance to be voted into the live shows  of American Idol Season 13, but others we saw in the final Hollywood Week round — during the episode airing February 13 — weren't so lucky.

Sarina Joi Crowe, for example, was stunned she got the axe. "I gave a killer performance," she observed. "I did really good."

Nolani Quintello was sent packing, as well. "I hope to see you back again," Keith Urban said as the judges bid her adieu.

David Oliver Willis had to head home again after singing "Bring It On Home to Me."

"I don't know what else there is to do," he bemoaned afterward, breaking our hearts!

Sandie Lee suffered the same fate with the same exact song. Maybe Sam Cooke is a bad luck charm!

Meanwhile, Keith mentioned that Savion Wright was brave to perform an original song during Hollywood Week and that he had that "intangible" quality the judges were looking for, but they're still not taking him to the live shows this year — adding, "You got a great road ahead of you, man." Savion — to his credit — took the news with the utmost grace.

Hope to see these talents back for Season 14!

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