American Idol judge extraordinaire Harry Connick, Jr. debuted just a part of his music video for his new song “One Fine Thing” on Ellen recently but, thankfully for his many fans (like us!), the whole video is now on Ellen’s website (and below because we love ya).

Seeing as Harry has been pretty tough on this year’s Idol hopefuls, he better have the goods to back it up, right? Well, this video only goes to prove what a cool cat he really is (if, you know, all of his other accomplishments in the entertainment industry didn’t already do that for us).

Seated at the piano, Harry croons about a woman who is “one fine thing,” and we’re guessing his gorgeous wife, Jill Goodacre, is his muse (le sigh). In fact, a Jill look-alike is featured dancing gracefully throughout the video, intercut with shots of what looks to be New York City.

With lyrics like “You’re the reason God rested on day seven” and “I’ve flirted, I’ve dated, I think the single life is overrated,” it’s hard not to fall and fall hard for this sexy singer.

After getting on the cases of a lot of the singers during Idol’s Rush Week for “intonation” problems and the like, Harry has once again proven that he indeed has the chops to back up his critiques. He’s like a fine wine, that Harry. He gets better with age.

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Sources: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Harry Connick, Jr. on VEVO