Though we definitely got a preview of Live Performances during American Idol’s all-new Rush Week, the time we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The final 13 contestants will be battling it out in the hopes of becoming the next big superstar — and the fun and craziness all begins tonight (February 26)!

In another effort to distinguish the show from the previous 12 seasons, Idol producers have decided to be a little bit more lenient with their weekly themes. Instead of going with narrow and recycled themes like Motown and Billy Joel, producers have opted for broader topics, like tonight’s theme, “This Is Me.”

Tenth to take the stage is Jessica Meuse, the 23-year-old country rocker from Slapout, Alabama. After her “fresh and exciting” performance during Rush Week, Jess hopes to show another side of herself with a powerhouse rendition of “The Crow and the Butterfly.”

“That was a very bold but cool song choice,” says Keith following her performance. “That side of you, we hadn’t quite seen yet. There’s a dark, haunting quality that you’ve got in you. There’s an edge in your voice and a rasp that’s really appealing.”

“It gave me goosies everywhere!” adds J.Lo. “My favorite vocal performance of the night so far!”

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